Why Choose Arborway Tree Service, Inc.?

Arborway Tree Service, Inc. is the premier tree care and removal service in the Philadelphia and Mainline regions. We offer a full range of tree services performed by qualified experts using top-quality equipment. We understand that your home/property is your biggest investment. It makes sense that you wouldn't trust it to just anyone. When it comes to the proper care of a healthy tree, or the removal of a dead or dying one, it's always best to call professionals like Arborway Tree Service, Inc.

It's a common misconception that trees take care of themselves. In nature, trees have the proper ecosystem to sustain their growth and take care of themselves. In our urban environment, however, trees need proper care to fight insects and diseases, to remain healthy and therefore hazard free. We have been keeping the trees in Newtown Square and the surrounding areas green, healthy and beautiful for many years. Whether you need maintenance for an Oak that's taking over the yard, pruning for an Ornamental Pear, or growing advice on a newly purchased Japanese Maple, Arborway Tree Service, Inc. can help. Call anytime with questions or requests – we are happy to help! 610-325-6000.

Ornamental Pruning and
Safety Pruning
Large Tree Pruning and
Tree Preservation
Shrubbery Pruning by Hand
and Trimming
Overgrown Brush Removal
Crown Thinning, Reduction

Large & Small Tree Removal
Hazardous Tree Evaluation
and Removal
Stump Grinding
Dead Wood Removal
Elavation Canopy
Lot Clearing
24-Hour Storm Assistance

Diagnosis and Treatment
Insect and Disease Control
Tree and Shrub Fertilization
Deer Repellent Treatments
Pre-construction Tree Preservation

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